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Our company name says it all about our philosophy, our passion comes from the belief that everyone has the capacity to be a star - you just need to learn how to be the most brilliant version of yourself and the only thing that is getting in your way is you.

Jonathan Peach

Jonathan Peach GoBeBrilliant

I’ve worked in leadership positions for nearly 30 years and my passion has always been the people I’ve worked with, seeing them succeed and moving through their careers.

It might be a bit of a cliché, but I truly want people to become the best that they can be; I know that when everyone is engaged and being the very best version of themselves that anything is possible. Wherever I was, or whatever position I was in, the main driver for me was to create conditions where everyone could flourish and where success became inevitable.

I now work with individuals, teams, organisations, teenagers, teachers and athletes to help them understand how to create the conditions which enable them to become that very best versions of themselves.

So whatever your measure of success... I will enable you with the skills to get there.

Jonathan Peach is proud to work closely and deliver training for the

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Martin Longdon

Martin Longdon GoBeBrilliant

Martin has a wealth of personal director-level experience, gained both in the UK and the USA, of leading, developing, motivating and coaching high performing teams and individuals to exceed their goals. He specialises in leadership coaching and facilitation with board level leaders and senior executives and their teams.

He is passionate about aligning personal performance to business vision, strategy and operating plans; creating "vision with legs". Martin’s coaching is tailored to the individual needs of his clients, though it can be characterised as supportive, challenging and pragmatic.

He works with business leaders to support and enable them to unleash their full potential and transform their results. He believes all leaders benefit from understanding and creating their own authentic leadership brand, a resilient blend of authority, presence and impact, which builds personal confidence, trust, credibility and respect.

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