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Leading Through Change

In today’s fast-paced, dynamic world, change is one of the only constants. People everywhere are facing new and sometimes daunting challenges – sudden shifts in economic and financial marketplaces, rapid developments in technology, international crisis and contention, and changing social and personal circumstances to name but a few.

Surviving in this increasingly chaotic environment means developing different skills and tools to enable you to get the most out of your personal and professional life and to manage effectively, no matter how fast the world is changing around you. This programme is about succeeding at work and in life.

‘Leading Change’ offers participants valuable insights into the dynamics of change and provides a unique and powerful approach for navigating the intricacies of the change process. Not only will you learn how to best deal with change yourself – but you will also gain tools and techniques to support those around you to make the most of change and to embrace the opportunities that change presents.

This programme provides the tools for proactively approaching change with confidence, clarity and excitement.


  • To be equipped with an understanding of how to lead changes effectively within the organisation so that changes are sustained and measurable
  • Understand the steps you must take to initiate change (set the vision & communicate), implement the change (involving others and quick wins) and make it stick
  • Understand how people react to change (change curve)
  • Learn about your own style for approaching and leading change
  • Importance of managing stakeholders
  • Learn how to maximise upon the early adopters and deal with the late adopters or blockers to bring about effective change

Critical success factors in change

From: “Leading Change – Why Transformation Efforts Fail”, John KotterHarvard Business Review, March 1995

  1. Create a sense of urgency:- Drive out of the comfort zone-Frank, open discussions
  2. Strong alignment:- Shared commitment to excellence-Strong line leadership
  3. The vision thing:- Simple, with appeal-Beyond the numbers
  4. Communicating:- Not just one meeting or speeches-Targeted to audience-Use all channels-Walk the talk
  5. Remove obstacles:- Confront the blockers
  6. Short term wins:- Creates momentum-Creating wins not just hoping (active vs. passive)-External pressure can help
  7. Declaring victory too soon:- Premature celebration kills momentum
  8. Corporate Culture:- Keep the changes alive-Link to personal objectives, PDP’s, career progression

What people say...


My session with Jonathan was indepth, insightful, and exciting. With his attention and guidance I was able to distill my understanding about my work and my relationship to my work and my customers into a very precise statement that was empowering and resonant with what I want to achieve with my work . Thank you Jonathan.

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